Our Codes

If you are interested in joining one of our codes, or just want more information, then please find below the contact emails.

Men's Rugby

Senior Men's Rugby - Register for 2018

Junior Rugby

Junior Rugby Club - Register for 2018

Squash Club

Waikite Squash Club - Join for the 2018 year!

Women's Rugby

Senior Women's Rugby - Register for 2018

Rugby League

Waikite Koura League - Register for 2018

Hunting Club

Waikite Pig Hunting Club - Need to find out more?

Women's Netball

Senior Women's Netball - Register for 2018


Waikite Gym - Join & get into shape for 2018

Fishing Club

Waikite Fishing Club - Register for 2018


Fill out our online registration form or for any enquiries contact Charleen Hicks email: membership@waikitesports.com or call/text her on 027 206 6996